TONY HALIK. Born for adventure. 


director:         Marcin Borchardt
genre:             documentary 80

production:    Furia Film 

status:            development

Explorer, traveler, journalist, mythomaniac. Tony Halik - in the communist times - the only window to the world that Poland had.  



director:         Filip Jacobson

genre:             documentary 30'

production:    Furia Film + NWR

status:            development

"To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about the other country" Huxley 

The FOREIGNER (Extranjero)


director:         Filip Jacobson

dp:                  Olaf Malinowski

genre:             hybrid documentary 60'

production:    Furia Film + KHM (DE)

status:            postproduction

Young musician arrives at Cuba to visit his long unseen brother. Unexpectedly no one is waiting for him at the airport. A journey through an unknown land in the search for the brother and maybe not only for him begins.    

The GRADUATE (Absolwent)


director:        Adrian Apanel
genre:            documentary 52'

production:    Furia Film + HBO Documentaries

status:            completed development

Four university graduates. Four different personalities. Four different strategies. And one aim: to find the dream job.


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