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director:         Filip Jacobson

                          documentary 30'

production:   Furia Film + PISF + NWR

status:             completed 2021

"To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about the other country" Huxley 

Kracow Film FestivalSzczecin IFF, KFFK, Vilnius Short Film Festival



director:         Marcin Borchardt
genre:             documentary 80

production:   Furia Film + PISF + FINA + TVP

status:             completed 2020

Evita’s Peron private pilot, NBC reporter, LIFE photographer, first journalist to interview Fidel Castro... living in communist Poland, where people are not allowed to have passports. Meet Tony Halik: the legend and the liar. 




director:         Bartosz Paduch

dp:                   Bartosz Bieniek
genre:             fiction 30'

production:   Munk Studio + Furia Film + TVN + Non Stop

status:            completed 2019





director:           Michalina Musielak

co-director:     Irena Siedlar

dp:                      Beata Rakoczy
genre:                documentary, 23'

production:      Furia Film

co-production: juno film, Lulu Production, Munk Studio

status:                 completed 2017


A group of women prepare for an event. Stand straight! Stop! Smile! Bow! - commands the choreographer. There is a lot of tension and nervousness in the air. The nerves will be calmed neither by a fancy limo, nor by a room full of chic yet a bit bored audience. Please watch a beauty pageant, the pre-selection to which took place almost 80 years ago 

Berlinale, Krakow IFF, Sarajevo, Uppsala, Warsaw IFF.


RAP BROTHERS ( Rap Braders)


director:         Adrian Apanel
screenplay:   Adrian Apanel
DoP:                 Cezary Stolecki
genre:             fiction film, 26:15.

production:   Furia Film. Gdynia Film School, Polish Film Institute

status:            completed 2015

Karol and his brother Robert have 24 hrs to pay off the rent or they get kicked out of the flat. While trying to borrow some money, they get themselves into real troubles. Their debt by the flat owner becomes a minor problem.


Gdynia Film Festival

BAY of GDANSK - the young Poland

director: Karin Feltes
genre: TV documentary, 44'
language: German

production: Furia Film, German television SWR

status: completed 2015


A TV documentary about extraordinary young people from the 3city at the Baltic sea. 

(Bobkowski, co dalej / Und jetzt, Bobkowski)


directors:    Angelika Herta and Filip Jacobson

genre:          cross-media documentary
language:    Polish, German, English

production:  Furia Film, Academy of media arts in Cologne/Germany

support:       Polish Ministry of Culture, Robert Bosch Stiftung

status:          completed 2014


A cross-media documentary project on the excentric writer, bon vivant and hooligan of freedom - Andrzej Bobkowski.



director: Sigalit Landau
art video, 11'05"

production: Furia Film

status: completed 2011


An art video from the Israeli artist Sigalit Landau.

Premiered at 54th Art Biennale in Venice. 

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